Not being a hairdresser takes absolutely no training, just practice. Years of favours for friends and fiddling with my own locks has resulted in a feel for hair and a love of styling.  Long before blogs, How-To's and YouTube tutorials, I was pinning, clipping and curling hair for anyone who would let me.

I spend my days working as the Account Manager for the extraordinary WTF Creative. My second home, with my second family. But when the Mac shuts down and the lights go out my focus changes and hair is on the brain.

My actual home is with Alex, in a not so leafy suburb of London where we like to watch movies and eat out. There's a lot of eating out. I struggle not to inflate and spend a good 70% of my day thinking about food or moaning about food related weight gain. Is there any other kind?!

I write, of course, about all things hair, but when the occasion arises other loves of my life sneak in an appearance. My trainers, my sisters, my clothes, my meals and all manor of inspirational or funny moments.

In a true reflection of reality, you will get to know the real me within minutes of landing on my blog. Feel free to come, stay a while and engage, or, you can run in, nick some ideas and leave. Either way it's a pleasure to have had you at all.

If you every have any questions, want some advice or would like to talk to me about me styling your hair just drop me an email (notahairdresser@gmail.com) and I would be more than happy to hear from you.

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